ORION is a space agency that focuses on sending regular everyday people to space. The business model came to me trying to quell a personal desire to go to space and frustration seeing billionaires live out my dream. For this project, I focused on several branding elements: the logo, informational placards (to be used in the expo booth), the stationary, and an expo booth.
Informational Placards
Later in this project, I will be showing an expo booth: for the expo booth, I wanted to utilize informational placards to walk a consumer through the business model, similar to the way museums use placards to offer more information about historical artifacts. The placards offer an insight into specific areas of the brand and focus on answering key questions that are raised before the consumer even knows what they are looking at. 
Expo Booth
The main capstone of this project is the Expo Booth. I did research on exhibitions events and came across CES: Consumer Electronics Show - an expo dedicated to showing off some of the latest tech that is going to be released to the market for consumers to visit and experience before its released. Many companies like Samsung, Google, Sony and more participate in the event to show off their latest tech. This is perfect for an upcoming space agency that focuses on offering a new experience to the common people.
It was important when designing this booth that it offers visitors insight into what the company is and its vision as well as showing off visually appealing and enticing experiences to draw people in. Not many people will pass up the opportunity to see a lander or a new spacesuit. When designing the booth in Cinema 4D I wanted to focus on orbiting circles, everything is designed with the idea of circles orbiting each other.

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