I began this project by exploring typefaces and trying to discover a style that best represents the German heritage. I began to look at Blackletter typefaces as that specific style is what is used on many German designs today. I then began to play with the text, moving it around to try and see if anything would stick. 
Final Logo
For my second draft, I wanted to encompass more of the car design and begin to shape that. I decided to shape it as a classic pickup truck hauling beer barrels on the back. My final draft of this logo was an illustration design, adding a line-width outside of the type and giving the logo a maroon color that matches the website.
Another option I wanted to explore was branding for the delivery vehicle. Because the car was such an important element in the overall design of the logo and the business model; being a specialty delivery service. I began to design the car by taking a classic car and making a wrap that is similar to the branding on the package and website.

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